Algebra Moves


Mathematics lives in a world of typography. Like the symbols "a", "x", and "/" for algebra. Mathematical text tends to be static--can't touch this, a bit like being in an art museum. A few years ago, I started a project (JumpingSymbols) which has involved 3 graduate students over 3 years, and numerous discussions with several friends and colleagues at the University of Florida, where the software was developed. What would mathematics looks like if the symbols were real objects that could be manipulated? Shouldn't we be able to move these objects? This sort of capability exists to some extent in various algebra programs, but the manipulation tends to be  constrained. I've opened up the software using a GPL license and put it on github for anyone to download and experiment with, or to join in and make it better. It is written in HTML5/CSS/Javascript. Or if you just want to play with it on my University of Texas at Dallas server (metaphorz), go here and solve some algebra problems!