Steampunk Automata


There is something interesting about the Steampunk movement. Steampunk takes inspiration from the past to reinvent the future. I am reminded of the fictional worlds created by H. G. Wells and Jules Verne. The above image is from Indulgy and is an example of Steampunk and fashion. There are subtle connections to 19th century engineering where scientists such as Maxwell and Kelvin did modeling of mathematics that was touchable, where cause and effect were clear and visible. We see the raw elements of computing (e.g., information flows) everywhere we look and yet it is with classic machines from the past that we find information-rich experiences as indicated in Organum Hydraulicum. Steampunk, and its inroads into theatre, fiction, and fashion may be partially a result of our deep human need to touch, see, and hear information. To model, Steampunk style.