Beyond Skin Deep


What is "art science" anyway? An artistic approach to doing, or representing, science? Let's say that the science is biology or astronomy. An artistic approach might be to create new media, or highly creative, representations of dividing cells or nebula. But I'd like to go beyond the surface, beyond being "skin deep." Most science is formalized in mathematical structure. Even formerly descriptive sciences such as biology are increasingly mathematical (e.g., systems biology, bioengineering). Can the mathematics, or the computing behind these formal structures, be constructed and sensed in an artistic way while preserving the core internal mathematical relationships? Can the abstract ideas of accumulation, difference, or iteration be felt, be heard, be seen? In an artistic way--with multiple representations, sensing the mental abstraction in personal ways? A bunch of us got together in 2002 in the beautiful hills of southwestern Germany with this in mind and created a one page Aesthetic Computing manifesto. [Credit for image: Metal Skin by Rómulo Royo, 2008].