Maker Day


It all began on a day when I was visiting a friend of my fathers. I was fairly young and found a book on his shelf when I noticed the above diagram embedded somewhere in the book: a lituus. A what? It was something wonderful looking, and I had to know how it was made. You can make them by hand using plotting, but when I was first introduced to computing (the old card punch days), my first programs were graphical. I wrote something that read an equation (any equation), and plotted it out in ASCII characters. OK, so it wasn't very elegant looking but I had no direct access to a line plotter. The thing that fascinated me was the making. I could make a machine that did something. There was something intensely liberating about that realization. Today, the President announced Maker Day which will be tomorrow, June 18th. The first Maker Faire will be held then to coincide. It is becoming easier to make anything you want from cardboard or wood to 3D printed plastic. And, yes, you can make a lituus. Out of chocolate? Why not.