Sonifying Modeling and Coding

Screenshot 2014-08-20 17.07.55

One of the first ways to learn computing is through coding using a programming language. Educators tend to favor one language over another, and it may change from year to year. At UTD, we are starting off non-majors with Javascript this year since Javascript has a good facility with human interaction. The example above is from a library called JSXGraph. A serious challenge for all introductory courses in computing, even when using Javascript, is sound. Many packages now have sound libraries but these libraries are often quite primitive in terms of what you can do. This situation may be changing. Charlie Roberts of UCSB has created a Javascript library for his fairly high level Gibber. Gibber was originally designed as a "live coding" environment, but now that there is a library, it means that we can write Javascript anywhere and include more complex sounds--allowing us to hear mathematics, computing, and scientific concepts. Here is something simple I worked on that connects a simple example from JSXGraph and Gibber.  This Gibber code uses granular synthesis. You can also just click on the above image to take you there.