We Are All Technologists


I was struck by text that I recently saw when browsing online information about art-science collaborations and upcoming conferences. There was a phrase in one of them promoting connecting "artists with technologists." What the heck is a technologist? Everyone is a technologist. A "technologist" is someone who uses (modern, recent) technology. One might think that a computer scientist or electrical engineer is a technologist, but think again. People in these fields have their own research and agendas; they do not think of themselves as technology gurus out to serve the public at large.  They use technology like everyone else. I have to backtrack a little bit because it so happens that these fields just so happen to produce the most sophisticated technologies (as end products) around. But to a computer scientist, a digital artist might be a "media technologist." The message here is: let's penetrate the broad term of "technology" and get to what is really important to individual practitioners of art, computer science, and engineering. Technology, and the "digital", are simply tools for all of us to do that which drives our passions.