Modeling in Common Core


We know that reading, writing, and arithmetic represent the basics in the education of our youth.  But what of modeling? According to an article from last year's US News and World Report, "The Common Core Math Standards: Content and Controversy," there is to be more of an emphasis on modeling concepts. The report "Progressions for the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (draft), 4 July 2013" provides additional detail on the role of modeling at the high school level. This may be the age old set of issues centered on whether we teach math as a subject without real-world relevance, or whether connecting math to the world creates a deeper understanding. I would guess that most modeling and simulation (M&S) practitioners would favor introducing modeling in K-12, or at least at the high school level. But is this so? Is modeling more complicated than memorizing and practicing dry, abstract methods? Can real-world relevance help learner attention and motivation? If it can, then enter modeling--center stage. [More information on Modeling in CC].