Creative Automata has MOVED to Medium

Thanks to all of you for reading!! No, I am not asking for money 🙂

There have been some ongoing issues with Creative Automata and I wanted to start the new year out right - engaging all of you in discussion. When I started this blog, I was wary of spamming which is why I did not permit comments in the WordPress blog. Plus, setting up the WordPress blog got to be a bit expensive since it was privately hosted.

This has all changed. Also, I have moved everything to a site called Medium. You've probably heard of it. Here is the new way to continue to get the Creative Automata stories. Click the Follow button here:

You might need to create a Medium account if you don't already have one, but the site hosts a wide array of commentary and writings. You can freely Follow or UnFollow anyone you want. So far, I have only one "publication" called Creative Automata. By this setup you can see that Medium was created around people writing stories and then getting feedback on those stories to create a social experience.

For those of you to want to continue to get posts, I'll see you soon on  Medium, and please post comments. Let's get some good debates going and grow our community.