The STEAM Wiki was created by the students of Creative Autonoma in Spring 2016 under the guidance of Paul Fishwick. It is a collaboration of multiple perspectives and experiences spanning the spectrum of STEAM.

Piyush Kumar

Perspectives composed by Piyush Kumar, a graduate student in the ECS department. His perspectives concentrated on the etymology of the word “Jack” throughout history and culture as well as a personal perspective. Delving into the history where the name “Jack” for the game came from, he found it came from a gentleman that had such an impact, his name was associated with certain characteristics. Within his personal perspective, he shared a story of a game similar to Jacks he learned from his grandmother back in India called Goti.

Kranthi Dhanala

Kranthi, a graduate student in the ECS department explored the history and maker of the Love Jack, the Jack in relation to Spatial Data Structures as well as recreated the Jack using WEBGL. Detailing Jim Love’s story and the impact that his creation of the Love Jack has left wherever it has been installed. While also exemplifying how Spatial Data Structures relate to the Jack.

Kelly Park

These perspectives were done by Kelly Park, a graduate student in the ATEC department concentrated on digital 2D models (graphic designs) of “Jack” (e.g. Illustrator), exploration of image filtering pipelines (e.g., Filter Forge, Photoshop) and digital animation of Jack in 2D or 3D. With expertise in multiple programs from her background in UX, she analyzed the Jack utilizing multiple resources.

Melissa Dagley

As a current graduate student within the ECS department, Melissa for her perspectives created a control flow diagram, simplified schematic of the Jack, and image filters on the Jack to formulate a more computer science perspective on the Jack.

Amanda Marder

Perspectives demonstrated through 3D modeling and rendering depicted with the use of the history of Jacks. Amanda Marder, a graduate student of the ATEC department created unique 3D models of her interpretation of the game based on the history of evolution of the game Jacks. Renderings were used to portray, communicate and give a visualization ofthe history.

Dylan Orgeron

Dylan dissected the methodology of how the Jack was created using concept maps to give a visualization to the process. Dylan also for his own interpretation using .html to create a 2D graphic. Currently an undergraduate student of the ATEC department.