Perspectives on the Serigraph

Piyush Kumar

Barber, Scott, untitled, seriagraph

Science & Technology

We all know that there is more to light than it meets our eye.

Have you ever wondered that what if our eyes could have seen more than just the visible range of spectrum. That would be one hell of a superpower. But don't you worry.. Science and Technology has made it possible now to see even that which is invisible to the naked eye.

Original Picture

Infrared Image

Gamma Rays


Universe in Gamma Rays

Now looking at the puddles of color in the image ask your self -'is it the gamma rays image of some galaxy ?'

BuzzFeed video on 'Life through thermal vision'

Infrared Vision

Ultraviolet Vision


We all will agree that Mother Nature is an amazing engineer in herself. Looking at the our our piece when I was trying to think of ' what does it represent ' , ' does it represent any naturally occurring structure ?' . what it could be ? Blue all around with gradually intensifying red in the center . Then it hit me . I started researching about oceanography and tectonic plates and I was amazes to find this

Tamu Massif is world’s largest volcano in Solar System

Tamu Massif, an extinct submarine shield volcano formed about 145 million years ago during the Late Jurassic period, is located 2 km below sea level between Japan and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean.

Previously, the volcano was considered to be smaller overall by 20 per cent than Olympus Mons on Mars, long hailed as the largest volcano discovered in our solar system. Tamu Massif reaches a height of 4km while Olympus Mons is 22km.


While looking through the life history of artist and especially the period when he made this piece , it was revealed that he was fighting cancer. It wont be a hard to guess that cancer might have affected his work but I wonder if it had been source of motivation , as well.

Here is the picture of cancerous cell. Its uncanny similarity is remarkable.

Molecular basis for melanoma cell motility: actin-rich podosomes (yellow), along with cell nuclei (blue), actin (red), and an actin regulator (green)


Looking at the picture and thinking about maths the first thing that comes to our mind is Polygon, in fact chains of concentric Polygons and methods to represent contours in topography.

look .. how remarkably similar our piece of art is with the given contour map of place .